Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A road to walk on.

Ever since I was young I have walked many places, been with many people, shared many experiences, walked in many a shoe. 

It doesn't matter how many shoes I have walked in, where I have been or who I have met, I still haven't had that settled feeling, like this is exactly where I should be. 

Other people are all happy in their chosen fields, happy in their homes and happy with the lives they have created for themselves whilst I just feel lost in mine. 

How does one ever know what their destiny is? How do you know what you were made to do in life? When do you know that 'this is it' moment?

So many shoes, so many places to walk.

I guess you just take little steps to get you on your way and if you find that the path isn't leading to where you feel is right, you turn around and go another direction. The problem is, does the direction ever have an ending? Do you ever hit a rainbow and discover that you have struck gold at the other end? Not in my experience. 

Don't get me wrong, there are things in my life like my husband and my family that I know is truly right and destined, but the rest, the rest of the 'things', people, jobs, places in my life? I just don't feel the same vibe.

I think alot of it has to do with fear of moving forward, fear of failing and being failed upon and fear of the unknown. 

Let go.

Move on.


Do you ever feel like I do? How do you know what is right? How do you move forward and how do you let go?

Someone tell me the answer.


  1. Still looking for the answer myself!

    1. It MUST be put there don't you think?!!

  2. I honestly believe that there is no end destination in life; and that if we feel we have reached the point where we have done, seen or experienced it all; then there's always a few rocks we haven't turned over yet.
    I personally knew my life was complete when I had my second child, it meant one boy & one girl :) But I know my life hasn't been completed yet, as I've got a lifetime of experience I can teach my kids and much, much more left to learn myself.
    So whilst my life is going great I push forward, by always looking for ways to expand myself :) I feel that keeps me pointed in the right direction. As for letting go.... That's something I'm still learning!!!! If you do discover the answer to that, please let me know too :) Jen

    1. Thanks Jen! How wonderful that your children have provided you with that completed feeling. Xx