Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crochet update

I'm finding it a little hard to fit in lately, but these are the latest things I have added to my crochet items.

I made myself a winter green and natural headband for those freezing cold mornings when you just have to have something over those ears! It's about time I made something for just me, and so I did.

Then I made a long navy scarf for a custom order for a little girl of a friend of mine to wear to school. It turned out great and she loved it!

Then on a day last week when I was off work sick and laid up on the couch I made this newborn set for my cousins new baby. I had no pattern, I took the start of the cardigan from a pattern I made a while back and just made it as I went. I think it turned out great. Then I guessed how to make the shoes and the headband and they turned out beautiful. So happy.

This weather is perfect for crochet and perfect for packing down and getting into creating by the fire.

Do you crochet?
What do you like to make?
Do you ever make your own patterns?

1 comment:

  1. I found you over at The Beetle Shack.
    Your words and images are inspiring.
    You do two things perfectly that I have never mastered :crocheting and running.
    One day i'll give both and 100% attention, until then I'll paint and walk.
    Liv x