Sunday, June 29, 2014

Its been a while

Yes, its been a while. I have been seriously missing in action on this blog. Time has come and gone, and I am not sure what this space means to me right now. It used to be somewhere I shared my feelings on family, life, recipes and creativity, but all of the creativity seems to have leaked out of me of late.

Now that it is holidays, I am hoping that I can pick up the blanket where I left it last year and get it finished. But before that I have a marathon to run. My second marathon and this year will be SO MUCH more different than last year.

Last year I was all alone. I trained all alone and I ran all alone. This year, I have my Running Mums Australia crew behind me all the way, and well, the experience is going to be so different. More than just running the race, I can't wait to put faces to names of some of these lovely women that I have met online through this community I have created.

This community has really changed my life and my focus. From wondering where I fit and what I wanted to do, to wholeheartedly knowing where I belong. I am really in a good place. I am so busy, but when you have a passion and you run with it, how can being busy something you dislike?

I admit, I am looking forward to a break this holidays, but look out Gold Coast Marathon. I am coming to get you!

This week its just me and my girl as hubby and the older kids are off at camp. I plan on sleeping in, catching up with my sister and relaxing this weary body before I give it all I have got.

Farwell for now.....

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