Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One foot forward.

As long as I can remember I have been a runner. I remember running around our neighbourhood from the time that I was about eleven or twelve. Back then I did it for fun. I would run the block, maybe about 3 kilometres and I thought that was a long way.

Then I began running to lose weight. Mind you I was about 15 and I was as skinny as a rake. I ran and ran and starved and starved and got myself down to about 45kg. Dangerously underweight and sick. That was not a great running journey right there.

Then I had the odd few years of running and walking and running and walking, just to pass some time with screaming babies and maybe trying to lose a little bit of baby weight. I still ran for the enjoyment of running but I never really had a goal in mind other than getting back home.

Then a few years ago I took up running again to clear my head and to get fit and because I love it. Running makes my mind free. It gives me the time to think and the motivation to keep going. It challenges me and gives me a goal. Anyone can run if you have feet and legs.

Last year I trained really hard and ran my first half marathon. That was 21.1km. It was hard. A lot of training and a lot of time spent out running the streets, sprinting, going to the gym etc. This year I decided that my goal would be to run a full marathon. A full marathon is 42.2km. It is a long way. It's going to hurt. I have no idea why I want to put myself through that kind of pain other than what a great goal to have!

I am in the fourth week of training and my mind is already playing games with me telling me that I can't do this.

I can do this.

It will take so much time and energy and adequate training and not to mention adequate eating. I have to try and get it right. Things will get in the way. I have to juggle working four days, raising three kids and looking after a house with training at least four days a week for at least an hour almost each day.

So far I have been hit with a bad cold and now I am possibly facing another onset of a cyst that has returned that may require some surgery.

I need to believe that I can do this.

I need to do this for me.

It won't be the end of the world if I can't do this, but wouldn't it be great if I can?

If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything.

Do you like to run?

What keeps you going?

Have you got a goal like mine?

Are you as crazy as I am?


  1. Hi :) i just saw you pop up in my IG feed and came to visit! My running story is similar to yours, I've got 4 kids and hubby is a away for work a few days each week, so it is great for my headspace. I ran my first marathon in Melbourne last year, is that what you are training for now. It's hard going but well worth it! I'm running the gold coast next weekend so you could call me totally crazy lol! Happy running, Tatum xx

  2. Hi Tatum! I am training for the Sydney one in September. I agree that it's hard going but how good will it feel at the end! Any advice for me?!??