Monday, June 25, 2012

Little friends

You know, there was a time that I didn't think that my daughter would have friends, that she would even want them or be able to keep them. I was proved so wrong. Autism has robbed her of many things, but blessed her with many things. One of those things is her honesty and her humbleness. Also her purity and quirky nature that actually, as her report card stated today, makes her a popular classmate!

I am really happy that she has little friends that love and care for her and don't care that she is different. I hope that for her sake these friendships last.

This is Naomi having a playdate at her best friends house on the weekend. Where she was invited to play for the day and where she had a blast. Just as little friends should.

And yes, apparently Naomi is a little chook whisperer! Who knew? :)

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