Monday, February 27, 2012

Dinner for dummies - casual fridays...

Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking right? Sometimes you are just too tired, or too over it, or too anything. We really really sometimes just need a 'break' and this meal is so easy it is bound to please. I was asked by a friend to add this one to the blog for a friday night dinner. 

It is great for those late days home after work or soccer or dancing or whatever. It takes about ten minutes to prepare and hungry mouths will be happy campers.

Chicken Wraps

500g chicken, chopped/sliced
olive oil
sweet soy
onion (optional)
capsicum (optional)
lettuce, shredded
tomatoes, diced
grated tasty cheese
packet of tortilla wraps

In a frypan cook the chicken over high heat until browned. Add a splash of sweet soy and stir. Take off the heat and place in bowl. If you wish to use the onion and capsicum, cook this in some oil until soft. place into a bowl.

Cut up your vegies and add them to some bowls. Do this with the cheese also.

spread the wrap with some sour cream and place all the ingredients onto wrap 

Roll up the wrap and shove it into your mouth! wallah! Instant dinner.

Enjoy it this friday night!


  1. Love it! I am going to do this this weekend. Can you get the sweet soy from Woollies etc. I have only ever used normal soy but a sweet would make a nice change. Thanks for adding this one! xxxx

  2. Yes you can Kristy. It is called Ketchup the sauce section.

  3. I made this on Wednesday evening and everyone loved it, including the kids!!