Friday, January 13, 2012

Perfection...missing the mark.

I wish it wasn't so, but it is. Perfect looking women are EVERYWHERE. They are on the street corner, they are at the beach sporting their bikinis, they are downing the perfect champagne, in their prada shoes and with their  D&G handbags, and they are in glossy, gorgeous print in every newspaper or magazine in the country. They are there, they look just the way we want them to but don't be fooled....they are NOT REAL. Period.

Sure, some are born into the good fortune of having a great tanned, slim figure, with big boobs and a great size butt, pouty lips and drop dead eyes, but they are far. and. few....

 REAL women are more common...if you look around. They have big bums, pimples, untouched hair, eyebrows that need waxing, and come with all the hallmarks of childbirth including stretchmarks and sagging breasts, eyes that look like they could do with a week worth of sleep and cracking, aching feet.

So it really gripes me men ALL I SEE is perfect looking women. I mean, when did society think that it was the only way to sell a product?!. Stick a half naked size 6 girl on the cover and it would sell millions!! Ugh. PLEASE!. I just want to scream!!

I wish someone had told me when I was 16 that real women existed and that 'its okay to be one of them'...and I wouldn't have vomited so much to just be one of 'those' girls. I wouldn't struggle for over ten years to just be able to eat a piece of cake and feel okay that the calories hadn't instantly gone to my butt. I wouldn't have cried all those tears and had all those feelings of doubt about myself.

I am okay now, but the feelings are still always there just below the surface.

I don't want this for my girls. I want them to be them and be loved for who they are and not strive after what is unattainable. It just makes me so mad. Who says that we have to all look that way? WHO makes the rules?!!

Watch this link and see how the media distorts our view of beauty.

There needs to be change. And it needs to be NOW. What do you think needs to be done? Please leave a comment.

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  1. I think there needs to bd real women modeling and stop photos being photoshopped. And Nic, I think your gorgeous!!!!!!