Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simple Summer Banana and Peach Sorbet!

Don't you just love lazy summer days? I know I have been spending these school holidays more on my back than on my feet, and on a hot day nothing tastes better than icecream. I am trying (*trying*!) to eat more healthy after my christmas binge, and so I thought I would make some sweet sorbet to tempt my sweet tooth... and I tell ya it is SO WORTH THE WAIT for this baby.

You will love it. It is simple, but it does take some time before the finished product, but it will SATISFY!

So, if your with me and up for the challenge, take a can of tinned peaches, peferably in syrup over the natural juice as its sweeter, and 1 banana

In a food processor, or very efficient blender, add about half the tin of peaches, or the whole lot if you would rather and the banana. Add a little bit of the syrup but not too much. Add about two trays of ice and blend on high......*it will be loud*!

After you have blended it all and it is icy. Add about 1/4 cup of any juice. I used apple/mango. Blend again. Freeze for a few hours in a container until just firm. (I used an old sarah lee icecream container that I kept for this project)

Take the sorbet out of the freezer and beat an eggwhite until soft peaks form in a clean bowl.

Add the eggwhite and the sorbet in the food processor again and process until pale and creamy looking like this:

If it still looks way too icy add a little extra juice. When finished and smooth, place the sorbet back in the container in the freezer and freeze until firm. 

It may ice up a little so when you take it out you may need to leave on bench for a few minutes and serve it in a lovely cup or in a waffle cone....YUMMY! Leave a comment if you love this recipe!

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