Friday, September 20, 2013

Some of my favourite blogs

While I'm having a bit of a 'blogging break' whilst focusing on the marathon I thought that I would share a few of my favourite blogs with you. I don't get alot of time to read books and so blogs are perfect for me as they give me a window into other people's lives, the creativity, the ideas, the families.

I just love to read them and have formed some good connections over the last few years. One day I hope to meet these inspirational mums in person when I get the courage to go to some of the blogging events, but for now I get to see their everyday lives each and every day through the eyes of the interwebs and that is just fine for me.

They are a very supportive community and have helped me in more ways that I can imagine so I thought I would share some of my faves. Sit back and take it all in.....

The first is Retro Mummy and I love her blog as she is a mum of FIVE who stays at home, but at the same time has managed to turn her blog into something amazing and something that can earn her a good income. She has the most amazing skills in crochet, quilting and baking and is a lover of Country Road. (who doesn't love Country Road?!). I love her honesty and her humility and I will be a reader of her blog for as long as it continues to hit our screens....go check her out here.

My next favourite read is BabyMac. I just love her. I have been reading her blog for a while now and followed her move to the Highlands of NSW to live a country life. This had me from the start. It is my dream to do this one day. She is a lover of all good food, fancies a good drop and keeps a home like nobodies business. She says things like it is and is generous and kind. The thing I love most too is that she always replies to her comments and that is something that shows that she is committed to her readers. Go check her out here.

Another fave of mine is Jess at My Heart Your Home. The thing I love about Jess is that her blog is simple and easy to read. She talks about life with two young baby girls and struggles with things like depression and growing up as a bullied teenager. Everyday things. She is a wonderful writer with a relatively new blog and has passion and joy that shines through. Go check her out here.

And lastly I give you The Beetle Shack. Emily is the creator of this lovely blog and a talented mother and photographer. Her images of her everyday life and family are just stunning and she is an avid lover of colour. Her words are inspiring and make you want to be a better mum to your kids. Go and check her blog out here.

So I hope that I have left you with enough reading to cover yourselves until I return.

Im one day away from my marathon now and am really looking forward to it. I have so far managed to raise $2,500 for Autism Spectrum Australia and I am totally humbled and amazed at the generosity of others. Now I just need to get to the start line! Bring on Sunday and I'll update you shortly after of how it all went.!

Nic xx