Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Being faithful.

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I don't get why people cheat. I can't imagine ever cheating on my partner. When I met my husband I was young, in fact, quite young and I had been in quite a few different relationships before him. With our young, innocent love, we fell deep in love and got married. At age 23.

One year later we welcomed our first baby at age 24 and I guess thats where I can truly say that our relationship changed. We were no longer just "us", but we had a new dynamic. We were a family.

As most of you probably know, having a baby changes you. Not only physically, but mentally and this was a new challenge for me, pleasing my husband and raising a child, sharing my time with both.

Lets fast forward 13 years later and two more kids into our marriage, some deaths, some diagnosis's, some financial strains and some mental strains and some hard things to come to terms with into our marriage and here we are, still very much in love, but yet again at a different dynamic. We have to work hard for us to work and I think that is true of most marriages over time. It was never meant to be easy all of the time.

I think that the key to a successful marriage is communication and commitment. Be committed to your partner no matter what. Don't even be tempted by anyone else. I can guarantee the more time that you spend with them really investing in eachothers lives the less time you will think about another person or how another situation might look.

I am challenged today by something that has come to light in a persons life that I know, and I really can't imagine this happening, not from my side anyway. It has made me want to love my husband more and to truly show him that he is worth keeping around, that he is worth the "us".

He was chosen for me and I for him and I intend on being old and grey together surrounded by our loving family.

So stop and think about the time that you are spending together as a couple. Are you really spending time together? Are you really in love? Is he or she your happy ever after and how can you make it to being old and grey together?


  1. I couldn't cheat, but I think there are different types who cheat. Some people just are so self absorbed that they don't think through the consequences, those who feel neglected, those who want a thrill etc etc.
    But really it's (as you've said) so so important to invest time in your relationship. It's a bit like any living thing if you neglect it it dies.

    1. I totally agree with you Lila. Its just such a shame!!

  2. Hi,I'm Margie, I'm new here. You're blog caught my eye. Alot of men struggle with lust. It's in their faces everyday through the media. It leads to temptation, pornography, and in some cases, cheating. We all have times in our marriage when things get tough. I suppose the secret to a good marriage is in loving your partner through the good and the bad times. Men or woman who cheat are selfish, but they're also human and I believe, they're pretty mixed up, not thinking about the consequences!

    1. Very true Margie. And what a shame the media makes things so much harder!!