Sunday, April 22, 2012

This weekend.....

This weekend marks the last weekend before I start my new job tomorrow. The kids are all sleeping at the inlaws and hubby and I are watching a movie while eating some awesome Italian food and drinking a nice glass of red. Noice!

The weekend has been super dooper productive. We have been to Hannahs first Netball game for the year, it was amazing to see how far the girls have come since last year and they had alot of fun. Then we really (well hubby did with the help of a few little people) got stuck into the rest of the ripping out of the bathroom.

Then one of my friends sent me a pic of her daughter wearing one of my Mary and Lil hats, then another friend wearing a headband! I was stoked that the loves their order. Made my day!

Then last night I had a go at creating some bracelets. I think I'll do these like this one or with a spiral the result!

This morning a few friends and I embarked on the Oatley Park fun run. We chose the 2.5km run and I loved it! I took off like a rocket! I am really proud of the effort we all put in! Great morning.

Because hubby was being such a trooper getting his hands so dirty in the bathroom all weekend I decided to whip him up a yummy lunch. I made some quick garlic and chilli prawns with my cous cous salad. Delish!!

How was your weekend? Was it as great as mine?!..

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