Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finding home

Well we are home. We spent the day yesterday driving through the NSW central district over the mountains and toward the city lights and all that traffic. We had a stop in Orange for a little shop and some lunch and then I kept on driving to mums in Bathurst for a break. Lucky we did as I got to pick the last of these babies for the season...sweet juicy rasberries. Homegrown. YUM.

During the week at my sisters I did ALOT of sitting around crocheting and finished off some more squares for my blanket. It is coming together quite nicely....

I also made another one or two of these for an order I have. I am really pleased with how it turned out. If you are interested in one message me. They are great for keeping the ears warm in winter without the need of a hat, so good for when you want to wear your hair up! This is my sister being the model. She is doing a fine job I must say.....

As we drove through the mountains we hit the traffic immediately. Of course it just had to let us know what we hadn't been missing. *sigh*.

Today I woke to the sound of the bathroom being ripped out. It has started. So today marks the day that I have no shower for however how long and we are relocating it to the outside laundry/toilet room...the bath that is....and somehow we are going to be cleaning ourselves in that. Not ideal, but better than relocating the five of us. I am glad it has begun. It is the start of a new adventure possibly when it is finished.......bring it on.

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