Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What counts?

If you had to list what really counted in your life down onto paper, what would you write? Would it be your career?, a big house, a six-weekly hair-do, good food, friends {and lots of them}, a flash car, health, a yearly trip, more and more money, a new flat screen TV, sleep, children, more time?

As people don't you think that we yearn and yearn for more, more, MORE! We don't realise what we have that is most important and what counts above all else, and most of the time it is RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSE. It's view is clouded by all the wants and desires that get in the way! It's PEOPLE. Real, honest, relationships. Its loving the other person before yourself and cherishing them above any "thing". It's putting yourself out there and opening up and keeping it 'real'.

Yesterday my best friend came to visit. When she left it dawned on me that 'what I want' in life is not going to make me any more happy if I didn't have friends like her right by my side. Real. Honest. Love. Someone that deeply cares for you and would tell you anything...even if you knew it would hurt just a little but because they want the best for you. Don't you want that? Shouldn't that be what we are seeking instead if 'stuff'?.

Don't you notice how no one on their deathbed ever asks for their favorite car or to have more money or to buy stuff or to have one last bite of their favorite food? We come into the world with nothing and we go out with nothing....and our loved one's are holding our hands...

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