Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I can't believe this is happening I just did the most crazy thing....I booked a ticket to NEW YORK within an hour of thinking about it seriously.

The thing is for over 6 months my two cousins (one who was mentioned in yesterday's post) won a trip to New York and for ages they have asked my twin sister, Melanie and I to go and we SO WANTED to go but were both like...one week and all that money??...don't know....plus with having termites and reno's that we have to do because of that and just the general cost of life at the moment we thought it was next to impossible....or maybe it was that I was 'to scared' to just let go and live!.....

So, it went a little something like this:

My sister called this morning...."guess what? Tim said MERRY CHRISTMAS, IM SENDING YOU TO NEW YORK!"  I was like WOW!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY!! She said "just ask Mark and see what he says...the flights are so cheap at the moment, cheaper than ever...and let me tell you they are dirt cheap to New York when we are going and so I called him.....

"honey, Mel rang and Tim said that he is sending her to New York.....I would love to go.....JUST GO...he said...YOU WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY LIKE THIS AND I HAVE BEEN....I WANT YOU TO GO"....I am sooooo excited....nervous, feel a little guilty, but I booked it! JUST LIKE THAT! 

babysitting is getting organised for school drop offs and 
so come Feb 3rd I will be here!

after the week I have had I have realised you have to jump at chances and live life to the full. Just go for it. whatever you want to do you can do it!

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