Monday, April 18, 2011

My journey with Autism

Its no secret that autism has touched my family in more ways than one. I have a five year old daughter, Naomi who has ben diagnosed with autism as well as a rare chromosome disorder.  Let's just say that life is never dull around here :) I love that people like to make their own assumptions on how my life should be like living with autism...I should be sad and upset and crying at the drop of a hat right? as it has surely ruined my life?....wrong. dead wrong.

I won't pretend that it is isn't. It is hard. Damn hard. My life revolves around therapies and cringing moments, wondering if my baby will ever understand the things that we take so much for granted....however I see joy at the world that my daughter sees. She finds the beautiful in everything. She IS the beautiful in everything. I have to laugh sometimes at the things that she does....I mean why do we all have to march to the sounds of the marching band when we can march to the beat of our own drum? I love that she does this. That she makes her own mark on the world and she sees things in her own remarkable and unique way.

We are embarking on a very interesting era when it comes to autism and it's treatment. We don't know whether our daughter's autism was genetic or environmental, but so far we know that there is a medical reason behind it, and that her body doesn't cope with alot of things that could have led to her autism. There just has to be some answers.

Take the time to watch this story that was shared with me by a friend online. It will warm your heart and resonate with your soul.....I balled my eyes out listening to the sibling of this little boy talk about how hard it is to have a brother with autism. Lets together help to raise awareness and find a cure.


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  1. Nic - you are an inspiration with the way you handle it all and i can see that God has taught you masses through the journey xx