Monday, August 6, 2012

Seeing the beauty

I'm laying on my bed. Just for five minutes before the storm of life hits again. There is no mistaking that this past week has taken its toll on my emotions, but as I lay here I think of the conversation I had today with a great friend. Life can be hard. Raising kids can be tough, but I need to find the good things and celebrate them. I need to see the beauty. There is beauty in everything, even hard things if we look hard enough. So at the end of each day I am going to start journaling the beauty. I'm going to dig deep and find it. And I'm going to let it fill me and share it with all of you.

Where do you see the beauty?


  1. This is where my gratitude comes in. It makes me look for the silver lining every single time.

    Beauty in all things. x

  2. That picture is amazing. Thoughtful post hun xx

  3. Isn't it just?! I wish I could claim credit for the picture! Life really can be beautiful xx