Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fettuccine with chicken and tomato cream

This mothers day I got a book from my mother in law. In her family they give gifts to the 'mum's' even though I am not her mum...and I think that is lovely. She knows that I love to cook and love cookbooks and she gave me this fabulous one....

The Thrifty Kitchen by Suzanne Gibbs and Kate Gibbs, who are Margaret Fulton's daughters. It is all about cooking hearty, yet nutritious meals on a budget.

I spent the last few days before my shop flipping through the book writing out my meal plan and tonight it was a case of this recipe and for desert I decided to make Blueberry and Rasberry Clafoutis. Yes. Everyone was a winner in this house tonight!

So here goes....


400g can of tomatoes
2 sprigs of oregano (I left this out)
500g chicken in strips
seasalt and black pepper
1 cup cream (or evaporated milk for healthier option...nah!)
30g butter ...YES
10 basil leaves (I left these out too!)
300g fresh fettuccine


I didn't have the herbs here as I forgot to get them in my shop so I left them out, and it still tasted awesome.

So first up brown your chicken in a pan. You could use ham instead if you want to.

In another pan combine the cream and the butter and let it simmer and reduce.

Meanwhile, in a food processor, process the can of tomatoes until smooth

Combine the tomato and cream mixture to the chicken mixture and season with some salt and pepper. Let it simmer and reduce

It should look like this when done

Meanwhile, cook up the fettuccine in some boiling water until perfect. Drain and add your chicken mixture and toss to combine.

Enjoy coupled with some crusty bread or steamed vegies and a nice glass of white wine!


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