Saturday, March 24, 2012


WHAT a gorgeous day it was today. I love a saturday and today was no exception. We had a great, full day of fun and relaxation. Hubby ripped out the shower ready for the reno and I got up to all of this:

I took Naomi to the shops to use the gift card her friend had given her from diva. She was so cute and loved 'shopping with mummy'. We even had a breakthrough and she wore a headband for the FIRST time!! YES. 

I found this great necklace at Diva for mwah....don't you love it?! it was a bargain at only $5!!! You couldn't make it for that!!

Came home and hung the washing out. Look at that blue sky. Just look at it!! GORGEOUS.

This was my favourite purchase today. NOTE TO NOT go into lindcraft again.....but how AWESOME is this wool for the granny a day blanket I will be making!!

Whipped up these babies for lunch. They are home made Sausage rolls and they are YUM. You can get the recipe and instructions here

A bit of a play outside!......

I took to the vac....YES I DID.
{clean floors make me happy}

After all that work I had to lie down for a rest and a read of my favourite mag...

Then it was time to start my blanket. Just LOOK at it! will be SO pretty!!!

Whipped up some spagetti for the fam for dinner. TASTY.


  1. A good day.

    What's your fave mag? Is it Country Style?


    1. Hey! Yes it is!!!!! Love it. My monthly fix. Now, if I can just work on moving there!