Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our house in the middle of the street

Today I spent the day cleaning someone else's house. Then I came home and cleaned my own house. These are the fun times I live in :). Anyway, it got me thinking, what is your house style? Are you modern?, contemporary? A little bit industrial? Are you country chic or are you downright just a mix of everything thrown in? One of my favourite things to do is read through house and garden magazines and see just what changes I can make to my (or someone else's!) home. I love hunting for vintage furniture and giving them a second life with a lick of paint. I have heaps of these finds around my little home. So here are some pics of my tiny but clean home...stay tuned for some changes to come! Excuse the girls room...its the first room on the list and the bathroom is missing cause well it's a work in progress...

So what do you think of your house?

Jonah's room

dining room

our fireplace!

Girls room

My kitchen


Our loungeroom