Friday, November 4, 2011

A little disorganised....

OOOOOOOOOOOOO....K. So this was the 'epiphany' moment when I came to open my cupboard tonight to get a plate...oh MY GOODNESS!!! yerp times are tough! I have let myself go. I am 'messy'. This is so not me! Is this you? Now I don't mind a bit of mess, but when I saw my cupboard tonight I knew that my laziness had gone too far! Its like the top shelf is great and get to the bottom and you have..well..mayhem! 
It is kind of a reflection on my life of late. I am all over this joint. I dont know whether I am coming or going and I seriously can't remember what I did yesterday! 

Well I know what I will be doing tomorrow! that cupboard.

How about your life? Is it looking as disfunctional as mine?


  1. FINALLY!! A blog about someone being disorganised, yes, just like me! Even though I feel like I am trying so hard (sometimes) I am always always a step behind where I should/ might/ could possibly be! I have had many of these moments- today I managed to clean out pantry and the platic cupboard- but I guarantee it won't take long before it is disastrous once again. I can but dream of having an organised house one day, just like all of the other blogs I read!

  2. Haha! well let me tell you I am really one organised lady but lately organisation has been my downfall! hence the look of my cupboard! but enjoy! hope you like my blog..join and keep reading! x